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You Can’t Get Here from There

The Divine
Sara Wiseman

Do you want to live from your soul in freedom as who you really are? You can’t get here from there. You can’t get to now — to being or consciousness — from the path that society has mapped for you. That map won’t take you here.

Just Live

Grandmother Naylin Lage
Maria Yracébûrû

You are given intuition in life to make choices, shape your future, and resolve problems. It’s time to take responsibility for your magnificence as cocreators of your reality. You can see what you dream of creating beginning to happen.

A Brighter Colloquium

St. Germain
Shannon Yrizarry

Shannon: St. Germain foresees happiness and balance, highlighting lives of those treading a new path for social behavior to bring their minds an amplified projection.

The Relationship of Aum and 108

Ethan Indigo Smith

What is consciousness? Consciousness is articulated in the Aum symbol. The four states of consciousness in Aum are reflected in the number, 108. The wake state is the oneness. The sleep state is the nothingness. The deep sleep state is the infinite.

Be the Sunflower of Your Essence

Mother of Light
Blue Turtle

Beloved children of light, I see that you are slowly awakening to all the possibilities available to you as sacred daughters and sons of Spirit. You have been in a deep sleep where the powers that be have wanted to keep you scheduled and occupied all the time.

Your Path to Ascension

Count St. Germain
Star Hinman

Peace be with you, beautiful ones. This is Count St. Germain with very pertinent information. Truly, a testing time is coming for all of you because this is how you learn. Is it not?

Feast on the Banquet of Opportunities

Grace Elohim
Alison David Bird

We hear you when you ponder the question of purpose, plan, or path, when you stand at the crossroads and ask, “Which direction should I take?” We say to you, take any direction you chose. Progression along a single path is just an illusion.

Return to the Simple

Archangel Metatron
Cynthia Taylor Scott

This is Archangel Metatron. I am here today to bring you further into your ascension process. Many of you know me. You worship me in ways that are insignificant, for I am you. I am your friend. I am your love. As you understand this further, you will begin to know me better.

Soul Ascension: Emotional and Mental Maturity

Celestial White Beings
Natalie Glasson

We are the Celestial White Beings, labeled so for the pure light we emanate from the core of our being and source. We have been overseeing and supporting the ascension of Earth and humanity since its creation. We add our energy to every transition taking place on Earth and within each soul.

Restoring Heaven on Earth

Laura Pieratt

We greet you with joy on this occasion, reconnecting hearts and minds to share wisdom and a collective vision that flows from the source of All That Is.


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