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Become Centered in Your Life Plan

Become Centered in Your Life Plan Hugh Campbell

When we become centered in our lives, anything that we do is done in happiness. We created this life to bring specific learning experiences to us. It is when we look to understand the lessons and accept that these lessons are gifts that we become centered and stop putting our energy into others’ lives. We see that every life has a specific path and circumstances that go with it. It is part of the whole package.

This does not mean that circumstances in your life will not change. We are first bound to finish the lessons we set for ourselves. You know you have completed the lessons when you can see the thread through all your life events and how they have all played important parts in bringing you to where you are today. When you see the difficulties as life-changing gifts instead of curses, you have become centered with your life plan.

The final component that seals the lesson is gratitude. Gratitude comes from knowing how each lesson has formed you along your path and knowing that a soul volunteered to gift each lesson to you. You created this path, so you are never a victim. This is one of the most difficult concepts to understand and why so many people have a problem becoming centered in their life plans.