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Loving Energies Bring New Opportunities

Loving Energies Bring New Opportunities Egyptian Cat Archetypes through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

Solar heart energies that communicate and express passion for all beings and Earth itself are empowered throughout January 2017 as the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies align in partnership, support, and nurturance of each other. Powerful visions; personal, planetary, and galactic knowledge from the halls of records; and wisdom born from firsthand experience will bring forth destiny paths for every member of the human kingdom. These heart energies will be expressed through vibration, harmony, and flow as the Aquarian cosmic waters pour forth throughout the cosmos from the Mother of All Creation and her consort. Manifestation of these vibrational heart-love energies will bring forth the song of the New Earth, the new humanity, and the new cosmos as the human kingdom transforms itself from the struggling caterpillar into the delicate butterfly that journeys from flower to flower, enjoying the sweet nectar of life. Those receptive to these loving harmonies will find paths of joy, abundance, and love manifesting rapidly and easily. Where there is limitation or fear, paths will be less flowing. As each limitation, expectation, and fear is overcome and released, fluidity will increase. All is free will.

Those open to believing in the loving, powerful destiny of cocreation with all the kingdoms of the cosmos will discover new opportunities to bring about change in a smooth manner. Perfected visions for these changes will present themselves, and if they are applied and acted on, sudden and disruptive change will become unnecessary. Resisting to move into a more sharing, caring, and loving flow creates rigidity, resulting in outside pressure that manifests as sudden and disruptive change.

A plethora of perfected visionary ways in which the human kingdom might once again be part of the family of kingdom cocreators will continue to reveal itself. You need only take time to go within and ask your inner truth center or soul heart to remain receptive to answers, ideas, and expressions. Walking in nature enhances the human kingdom’s ability to perceive and receive its connectedness to All That Is and facilitate active participation in this loving cocreative process, returning balance and harmony to all interactions between all species and kingdoms.