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Resurrect the Realms of Magic

Resurrect the Realms of Magic Fairy Realms of Plihar through Almine

In the realm of Plihar, we have long believed that we are the custodians of the earthly garden and its magical creatures. We have waited long for the gods to arrive and walk with glad hearts among the beauty and magic we have created. The Holy Mother will bring them, and when they come, they’ll set free the fairies, elves, and kachinas who are held captive in prisons created by human belief systems. These belief systems form geometric shapes in our realm that fairies cannot fly through to escape. Only gods can dissolve them for us, which they do by dissolving their belief in separation: right and wrong, guilt and innocence, and worthy and unworthy. We see only the innocence of the mother’s children at play.

This power wheel [figure 3] will help direct the light beings here, but be aware that a fairy spell protects by putting any who try to access it without a happy heart to sleep. Tirik birni birinet platuha. May your eyes learn to see us and the world we have created for you. After so many ages of being gone, you have forgotten.

Figure 2. Labyrinth 3 of Plihar

Figure 3. Power Wheel for the Ceremony of Resurrection into the Realms of Magic