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Getting Back in Alignment with the Divine Destiny We Came to Live

Michelle Karén

Mercury turns retrograde on July 14 at Leo until August 7, when it will have reached 1°30' Leo. Its shadow period continues until August 22, a period during which we want to express ourselves from our hearts and reconnect with our creativity. Relationships with children could be enhanced.

Being the Master Builder of You

Rhonda Smith

August 2012 ([22]) This month moves you into the energies of the spiritual master builder that you are. It brings you four times the strength, courage, and responsibility to bring the spiritual energies to the material plane and put them in form within your life.

August Will Challenge Us to Either Resist or Accept

Donna Taylor

As anyone will tell you, these are not easy times, and as I look back over my own life over the past three years, I’m pretty impressed I made it through!

Reinventing Ourselves with Grace and Consciousness

Michelle Karén

Mercury turns direct on August 7 at 1°30’ Leo. Its shadow period continues until August 22. The first week of August is a period during which we need to express ourselves from our hearts and reconnect with our creativity.

Healing in the Journey to Wholeness

Michelle Karén

Saturn’s shadow period remains until October 1, 2012. We have a chance to revisit and make right what was going on in a love relationship between October 28 and November 6, 2011.

Your Astrological Guide to Travel

Joanna Woolfolk


(March 21 – April 19)

Balancing Your Foundation

Rhonda Smith

October 2012 (24/6 [22]) It is time to begin preparing the seeds that you will manifest in 2013, the year of sensitivity. These energies may have a familiar feel, since they are the same as January but with an added twist.

A Month of Less Challenging Energies

Donna Taylor

The big news this month is that after two and a half years, Saturn is changing signs. Many people will feel the shift in energies, and the Librans in particular will be heaving a sigh of relief as they watch Saturn move on to Scorpio.

Go with the Changes

Donna Taylor

The other day I was contemplating how my messages for the Sedona Journal have changed in recent years. When I first began writing back in 2004, my columns were much lighter in comparison to what I find myself writing these days.

Accepting What We Can't Change and Finding Inner Peace

Michelle Karén

November is an eclipse month! Eclipses are always very important cosmic events that shift us to a whole new level of consciousness. The changes that occur within the month of an eclipse have farreaching effects (up to nineteen years) and are irreversible.


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