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Achieve Great Things in Alignment With the Stars

Achieve Great Things in Alignment With the Stars Donna Taylor

The message this month is: Don't make life any harder than it needs to be. September facilitates easy growth and positive changes if you flow with the energies and listen to your inner voice. Trusting yourself about what feels right is important at any stage of life. The first week in September offers the potential to take a step closer to your dreams by honoring your own desires, listening to your body, and hearing the whispers of your soul about what feels good to you. Blocking messages that are trying to get through about what steps you need to take will be met with a demand for change. A slightly tougher combination of planets later in the month means that although change will still be possible, it won't be quite so easy.

September begins with an alignment of the Sun, Venus, Jupiter, and Pluto. This combination can achieve big things, and everyone will have the chance to increase their personal power in some way. For many, the focus will be increasing material abundance since these planets all fall in the earth signs, but there are no rules about how or where you should seek expansion. Some will seek growth in relationships while others might develop an idea or a project. If you're working toward a big ambition, make the most of the energies around September 3 by writing down your plan or visualizing your goals. Your intentions will go out into the universe with extra power.

It might also be interesting to contemplate the meaning of adventure. For some people, this means the obvious: going on a holiday or traveling abroad. For others, the meaning might be more subtle, but it always pushes people out of their comfort zones and makes them feel more alive. What makes you feel alive? Where in your life have you become too comfortable? The full moon in Pisces on September 12 will help you to move beyond your comfort zone and explore new territory, whether that's mental, physical, emotional, or psychological. This full moon will bring with it realizations that will allow you to break old patterns.