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Thirteen Signs of The Zodiac? Not!

Thirteen Signs of The Zodiac? Not! Stephanie Clement

Imagine for a moment that we had the Sun signs all wrong. Imagine that you were actually the sign that comes before the one you have had all this time, or that—magically—there is a thirteenth sign to choose from. How much fun would that be? Tired of being a timid Pisces? Just rearrange the zodiac! Too many Scorpios for your taste? Let's just shorten that difficult sign to six or seven days. Want something entirely different? Just add another zodiac sign to the mix.

On January 13 I read that a Minnesota astronomer has suggested exactly that kind of shift. He noted the changing positions of stars over the centuries and postulated that we should consider a thirteenth sign, Ophiuchus. Not only that, but he has determined from the established boundaries of the constellations that the thirteen signs will be unequal in length!