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Assisting Others to Mastery

Assisting Others to Mastery Rhonda Smith

July 2011 (29/11), will increase the intensity because it is another 11. This is the last quarter of the numerological year, the time to use your harvest and distribute what you've learned. You are to be the spiritual messenger and teacher who has come to assist humankind. Use this energy to assist others to see their light. Keep in mind that everyone walks their own paths, and allow them to do it. Be supportive but not enabling, allowing them to find their own inner balance.

July 1 to July 2, 2011 (52/7)

You begin this month with inner upheavals and readjustments. You are building an inner structure for eternity that will withstand any situation and storm that may arise. There will be no charted course; you will need to follow your higher spiritual teacher and your inner guidance so that you can follow your own original and inventive ideas and create a path you can walk and understand. You are a loner, a nonconformist, and an independent thinker, so you may be forced to revise your position and adjust to new circumstances as you choose to live an unusual life filled with new opportunities.

The first step in this process is a reminder to be joyful and understand that it's okay to love pleasure. Pleasure is derived from being creative in the ways that you create your life. Then you move to the master vibration of the master spiritual builder on the physical plane, which presents you with opportunities to manifest the joy and fulfillment of creation. The goal for this period is to learn the cyclic pattern of transformation that is in all life.