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Standing on Your Own Foundation

Standing on Your Own Foundation Rhonda Smith

September 2011 (22), is another intense month with the repetition of the master builder vibration of the year. There is tremendous energy to bring spiritual energy to the material plane, and you are to command this energy to build your life and help others to do the same. There can be fulfillment and completion with this energy. The goal is to accept your intuitive abilities, open your vision to the larger picture, and build that knowledge into your life in service to others.

September 1 to September 3, 2011 (72/9)

You begin this month of standing on your own foundation with the highest vibration and most spiritual of the 9's. This is a time for you to maintain a sense of independence and a willingness to allow others their freedom. It is a time to eliminate wasted energy because as each goal is completed, you start building for the next. Events may repeat themselves and each circumstance will bring a new level of growth and awareness. Use both your spiritual gifts and your keen analytical modeling as you begin to build on a larger scale.

You begin with a day of strong sense of adventure and change. You can assure yourself that security comes from your inner foundation. You move to a day that intensifies the 22 of the month while creating physical sensitivity to foundations, yours and others. This allows you to take responsibility and put things in harmony, thus creating peace and balance for all. You end this time period using your strong intuitive energies to reconstruct mental processes and gain access to inner power and knowledge. The goal is to achieve tangible results through responsibility, self-discipline, courage, and self-reliance while connecting to your higher guidance and spiritual teachers for direction.