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In the Essence of The Fifth Stage

In the Essence of The Fifth Stage Stephanie Clement

Are you looking for an astrological four-leaf clover? Well, we get one in the form of two symmetrical and powerful patterns that fill the heavens on May 9, 2011. Both patterns revolve around the Moon's north node. By itself, the grand trine (one of the patterns) is only somewhat unusual, but the grand quintile pattern is extremely rare—doubly so when combined with the grand trine.

May begins with a beautiful triangle that includes Saturn, the north node, and Chiron. This pattern suggests creative potential that stems from our birthrights and from our past lifetimes. Culture and recorded knowledge are part of that picture, as indicated by Saturn in Libra. The key to effective action this month is taking responsibility and following logical reasoning. By itself, this doesn't sound like an imaginative or creative process.