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Upcoming Eclipses Bring Clarity

Upcoming Eclipses Bring Clarity Michelle Karén

We heal when we stop judging others and ourselves and start forgiving. There are no mistakes, only learning experiences. As we embrace all we are in darkness and light, without condemnation or comparison, without what we should have said or could have done, we become free to express true compassion. Living fully in the moment with grace shifts the past and transforms the future. We heal when we stop focusing on the disease and start seeing ourselves and others as already whole.

The third eclipse (solar eclipse), following the June 1 and June 15 eclipses, occurs at 9°12' Cancer on July 1. Eclipses are always very exciting cosmic events. They are portals leading us into a whole new dimension of our lives. Opportunities open that weren't available previously and awareness shifts to a higher level. Wonderful new horizons appear. Whatever happens on an eclipse day is usually final, although in these times of rapid changes, this "finality" can mean the same situation shifted to a totally new dimension. What is certain is that a point of no return is created, resolutely pushing us forward into the unknown. We also need to remember that eclipses take about a month to unfold. We will have clarity on what has shifted in our lives and why by August 1.