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A Modern-Day Shaman

A Modern-Day Shaman Isabella Stoloff

When I was asked to write an article on indigenous people from a modern-day shaman’s perspective, I thought, what could I possibly say that everyone does not already know? So then, as I often do, I began to think outside the box. Why are we so interested in indigenous people? What is so special about them?

New Indigenous Tribes Seek Connection with the Earth

The thought of indigenous tribes takes us back and connects us to another time and space, a time when we trusted our intuition and knew how to be stewards of the earth. It was a time when we felt a deeper connection to everything. In today’s world, we are losing our connection. With so much information coming at us all the time, we have lost touch. I think we love the indigenous peoples because we can feel they are still in touch with something much bigger than themselves.

There is a certain vibe when we hear the word “indigenous.” It conjures up images of a time long ago, ancient civilizations, and different cultures and traditions we could never understand. It also makes us think of jungles and plant medicine — unfamiliar territory to most. But this territory is where people are finding their way back to themselves.