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A Creation Story, a Completion Story

A Creation Story, a Completion Story Paxton Robey

You are a member of the planet-wide bonded group of lightworkers — yes, a bonded group. Even though you have felt it already, your real connection to and common objectives with the other members of the group will become obvious when you view life on Earth from your fifth-dimensional perspective. You may have done this already.

The Typical Life of Today’s Lightworker on Planet Earth

As with most members of the group, there came a time earlier in your lives when the lights came on, so to speak, and you realized there was more to life than meets the eye. You knew you didn’t understand everything — or even very much — but you felt drawn toward altruistic goals of improving life for all human beings. If you spoke in metaphysical terms at that point in your life, you might have expressed a desire to awaken yourself and help others move towards the light. You uncovered a desire to be of service to all people.

Since that time, life has been filled with dichotomies, highs and lows, challenges and victories, many surprises, and an ever-increasing desire for understanding and awakening. In other words, we each live the typical — while unique — life of today’s lightworker on planet Earth. We haven’t completed our own journeys to enlightenment, and thus face the remaining challenges. But we are close enough to graduation that our recently acquired understanding has empowered us to join as partners with many masters, mystics, and healers. From their perspective, it is a partnership of equals. We know that our task is to assist in evolving planetary group consciousness one more step up the ladder.