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Feel the Magic — Go Out There and Play!

Feel the Magic — Go Out There and Play! Ellyn Dye

Can you feel it? Can you feel the magic in the air? Can you feel the pregnant potential of the moment, of the times? Can you remember why you chose to be here now? Why you prepared for decades — even millennia — to be here now? The clock is about to strike midnight. All the revelers are gathered and the masks are about to come off. A hush has fallen over the crowd. There is a giant intake of breath. Everyone is dying to know, but no one knows for sure what will be revealed. No one knows how it will play out. The nervous tension rises, and everyone tries to figure out just exactly what will happen as the 12–12–12 gateway and the oft-touted end of the Mayan Calendar, 12–21–12, approach.

Let Go of Your Need to Control

Breathe. Let go. Do not try to control the uncontrollable. Do not try to fathom the unfathomable or express the ineffable. The need to know, the need to control, stems from fear. Let that go! Just wait and be surprised, excited, and amazed at what transpires. How funny it will be to see when the masks are gone that the person who was the veritable thorn in your side for so long is really your truest and dearest friend, the rose that resides deep in your soul family. Or to find that the one who always felt like the sand in your oyster was, in fact, a true friend who was scratching away to help you allow yourself to be the true pearl that you are.

Your level of surprise at the revelations will depend on the thickness of the veil of forgetting that you wrapped around yourself in order to completely get into character. You are such method actors, one and all — totally in character until the very end. These have been the greatest revels ever, the greatest of plays, scripted and performed magnificently by each and every one of you here and watched and applauded by the entire universe. And here it is, almost time for the curtain to fall on this particular stage, on this particular play, on this particular reality program.