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Inspired Guidance

Watching Over Us

Wendy Zellea

When I was a young child, I frequently had visions of a group of beings sitting in a glass observation booth, looking down on life and watching us as we went through our days.

Amazing Grace

Stefanie Miller

I recently rescued a dog I named Grace with her nine newborn puppies from a high-kill animal shelter on the day they were to be put to sleep. This turned out to be an amazing experience for me.

All Things Are Possible Now

Paxton Robey

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio/Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.
from Hamlet, William Shakespeare

Messages from Beyond the Madness: Almine interviewed by Niels Rouwen


Almine describes her journey beyond creation— how it began and, most importantly, how to go beyond creation and thus become a blessing to all you encounter as you carry within you the remembrance of home and oneness.

The Five Pivotal Predictions for the New World

Cinda Crull

In the year 2000, right after G.W. Bush won the presidency, I was sitting at my computer when I got the first of my five predictions. The rest came within a short period of time. The initial one made the hair stand up on the back of my neck. The rest seemed confusing and unlikely to me.

Creating the New Day

David Almeida

What do we do while we are sleeping? Many people believe we set about planning our next day, and there is growing support for this theory. The premise is that humans mentally sort out their experiences at night. This process includes strategizing the direction of the new day.

The Dreamer

Josie Johnson-Rogers

One night about a year or so ago, a young boy by the name of Jason became aware that he had his very own angel. It happened just after Jason and his mom had said good night to one another. Jason said his prayers and pulled his colorful new quilt up to his chest.

The Energies of Change in 2012 through 2032

Paxton Robey

Earth School is a training ground for awakening masters. Over the ages, only a few at a time have graduated from this school into peace, oneness, omniscience, omnipotence, and all that is outside of time.

New Dawn in an Old Land: Reflections on a Pilgrim’s Journey

Jeri Castronova

Out of the chaos of modern Cairo came a new light into the lives of its people. The hands reached out to us. We thought they wanted baksheesh — tips or handouts — for whatever service or ware they offered.

Dreaming the Shift

Aluna Joy

Way back when I was still living in Mount Shasta, I had a powerful dream that has never left me. The dream was so surreal and odd — and familiar — that I never thought to share it until now. Let’s face it: It is hard for us visionaries out in the world. We are either labeled psychos or geniuses.


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