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Upcoming Changes to Medical Practices and Dietary Recommendations

Upcoming Changes to Medical Practices and Dietary Recommendations Jason Ward

I first discovered my gift of scanning the human body at the age of thirteen. My scanning process allows me to see the human body in a three-dimensional view. I scan the body in three dimensions with what can be described, in very simple terms, as xray vision. I see the entire human anatomy beneath the surface of the skin.

My scanning abilities can see a tiny blocked corpuscle behind an eyeball interfering with a patient's vision and causing migraines. A more difficult scanning would be one of the blood for chemical imbalances. I feel obligated to always address a necessary review of the nutritional need of the human body with each scan. I am capable of scanning the body by talking with you over the phone.

These are my predictions for 2013 as a medical intuitive. We will see all medical files go paperless. There will be no more faxing and clipboards; it will be attachments and iPads in doctors' offices and hospitals. I also predict that immunizations will be discovered to have a direct link to autism, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson's disease. The mind and body connection will become a part of the preoperative and postoperatve teachings that communicating with our bodies will promote for faster recovery.