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Inspired Guidance

Are You on the Hero’s Path?

Sophie Rose

Have you noticed that many children’s tales end with a victory of the heart? The heroes — after following a tortuous path of struggles, dreams, and hopes — always manage to fulfill their heart’s desires, sometimes while discovering them at the same time.

No Kau a Kau: Huna and Hawaiian Shamanism

Serge Kahili King

Author’s Note: For those who may not know, No Kau a Kau means “for eternity” in Hawaiian. This will be the third time I’ve had the chance to interview Serge Kahili King.

The Collapsing of Time

Govinda Miller

Time is an interesting phenomenon, especially now. Have you noticed that it seems like your day is over before it has even begun, and that time seems to be a fleeting thing? Nature sets the course of time, and we measure time based on the rotation of the Earth and its orbit around the Sun.

Technology and Consciousness Converge in the Mesh Networking Evolution

Stuart Trusty

Once upon a time, you thought that you were your ego and your mind, body, and feelings — your sense of self — was the sum total of your existence.

Living on the Eve of the New Story

Jean Houston

This is an excerpt from the new book Birth 2012 and Beyond: Humanity's Great Shift Toward the Age of Conscious Evolution by Barbara Marx Hubbard and the Welcoming Committee, and is reprinted with permission of Shift Books, copyright 2012.

Last Steps for the Master in Training

Sri Sathya Sai Baba
Paxton Robey

It has been believed by spiritual seekers for many ages that enlightenment won't be attainable in this lifetime, regardless of which lifetime is this lifetime. Now here we are on planet Earth approaching the completion of millions of years of mastership training.

The Indigo Children

Stefanie Miller

Since the concept of the Indigo child became well known, many parents, teenagers, and young adults have been able to really identify with the traits and characteristics.

The Higher Self: Voice of the Lightbody and Blueprint of Mastery

Tuesday May Thomas

The higher self is analogous to a magical power containing the invisible blueprint of mastery. Consider yourself wired with master potential. Your higher self mirrors the master qualities within you.

The Fifth-Dimension Portal

Meg Benedicte

Under the intense 2012 energy of the cosmos, we enter the final months of the Mayan calendar, ushering us into the dawning of a new era.

Magnetite, the Great Pyramid, and the Order of Our Universe

Robert Hintzke

This is a picture of a three-dimensional octahedron. This is a very important shape to understand, and it yields many clues to how the manner of life as we know it is constructed. It is a structure of both energy and form, so let’s get acquainted with this geometry.


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