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Absolute or Relative?

Absolute or Relative? Paxton Robey

Relative reality: that which is observed by the senses, that which changes, that which depends on “other” for its state or condition, that which involves duality. Relative truth: that which can be analyzed, that which is interpreted, that which fits within a context. Relative spirituality: the study of the teachings of scholars and theologians as they interpret the words of the prophets and the masters.

Absolute reality: that which never changes, that which is eternal, that which is inextricably a part of the all, that which is beyond interpretation and beyond comprehension by minds without infinite vision. The closest people can come to absolute spirituality while in a body is to intuitively rediscover the insights that the prophets received, the nonverbal, blissful knowing of the mind of God, seeing this as that which forms the true laws of our reality.

Personal Understanding

There is an essential unity in all religions. Since the beginning of time, people have had spontaneous openings to receiving inspired material from beyond normal human consciousness. Actually, all creative, useful, and beneficial thought — including innovation, art, and music — is inspired by that which is beyond the reach of the ego. All religions were inspired by prophets who had a direct experience of a higher level of understanding. Today, all religions have saints and sages and all religions have clueless puppets.