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Begin Today

Begin Today Lisa Whatley

You’ve probably heard, “The only time we have is now, this, our present moment.” So this means that we can only live, act, and experience life in the present moment. You might be asking, “If this is the case, then why do I have so many problems in my life?”

Everything that happens in our lives is created by the choices we made — consciously or unconsciously — through the thoughts and beliefs that we hold in the present moment. The past is really only a memory of the past. If we dwell in the past, we continue to bring forward the same past experiences, whether good or bad, by putting energy into them in the present moment. Our future, the things we desire, our plans, or even things we dread are still all created in our “present, right-now” state of mind.

This means that we can only experience joy in this now moment of time. A happy memory is really only a present feeling of happiness stimulated by thinking about the past, and the only pain we can experience is the pain of the present moment. A painful memory brings forth pain and sadness that we experience in our now. If we can get the present moment right by experiencing peace, harmony, joy, love, and happiness in our now, our past and future problems will take care of themselves.