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Ascension Symptoms for the 2012 Midway Point

Ascension Symptoms for the 2012 Midway Point Stefanie Miller

Many of us are experiencing ascension symptoms at this time. As a highly sensitive, empathic, and intuitive person, these energetic shifts have been daunting to me — to say the least. It makes it no easier to handle, but knowing we are not alone in this and receiving validation that others are experiencing what we are can be reassuring.

In a nutshell, ascension is the process of shedding our old lives while remaining in the same physical bodies and starting a new life cycle. In order to fully emerge into our new space, we must leave behind much of the old ways that no longer serve us.

In order for this process to be successful, there must be a combination of rewiring the way we think and perceive things, releasing emotional wounding, and making major changes in our lives that honor us. The prophecies spoke of 2012, and here we are at the midway point of that year. These changes have been subtly and not so subtly going on for many years now. There are times when we experience these upgrades in an intense way. Right now, at least for me, this is one of them.