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Inspired Guidance

Living on the Edge: The Deep Truth of Our Destiny and Our Fate

Gregg Braden

As a senior systems designer in the defense industry during the last years of the cold war, I had a front row seat to one of the most frightening times in the history of the world and the thinking that led to it.

Shamanic Wisdom: The Internal Quest: Merging With Your True Self

Jan Engels-Smith

The sculptor’s statement is relevant to the process of self-realization as well. In our efforts to find ourselves, we often believe it necessary to reinvent or alter ourselves into someone entirely different from who we are. We overlook the inherent truth within ourselves.

How Shamans Dream the World into Being

Alberto Villoldo

Whether you realize it or not, we are all dreaming the world into being. What we're engaging in is not the sleeping dream we're familiar with but the waking dream we craft with our eyes open.

Sacred Sexuality


There is only one criterion for weighing our actions: Do they serve indwelling life or don't they? If they serve the world of form only, they serve what is unreal. On the other hand, if actions serve to evolve awareness, then they are aligned with the purpose of indwelling life.

Angels and Crystals

Vanessa Carter

Working with angels and crystals is an effective way to heal and cleanse energy. We are all made of energy and mastering it is very empowering.

Tapping Into Spirit: The Most Vital Skill to Learn for 2012 and Beyond

Susan Shumsky

My blessed and beloved beings of light, as we move into 2012 and an era of new consciousness, we are charting unknown territory. This is the time when our vibrational energies are being quickened and amplified. We are ascending into a higher octave.

Continuing Our Journey

Silas D. L. Jackson

We stand on the threshold of great change. The sands are shifting underfoot. Each step will leave its imprint in the unfolding shape of things, and so we are charged with stepping wisely.

Preparing to Enter a New Earth Without Needs or Limits

Christopher Pinckley

Floating Ascension

Embrace Your Inner Alchemist

Dawn Fleming

As we enter into 2012, we are continuously being immersed in higher levels of cosmic energies descending on our Earth and into the auric planes of humanity.

Manifesting in a New World

Aluna Joy

For decades, we have been waking up in stages; installments or waves of energy have been jarring us from our sleep. We remember when we reached pivotal aha moments where life changed, never to return to its prior form. We grew through many of these moments.


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