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The Return to Home: Human Nature Merging with Its Divine Self

Merlin and Expanded Consciousness
Miriandra Rota

Well now, here we are to speak on what you have called the upcoming year of 2013.

Revelations of the Cosmic Sunrise

Archangel Zadkiel and the Blue Starborn
Sri Ram Kaa

Channel's Note: When we invited the revelation of this information, the archangelic realm was clear that there were thirteen universal questions being asked by all of humanity.

The Seer Almine: The Herald of Change


The nature of change can be either a cataclysmic or a graceful metamorphosis from one level of existence to another. Cataclysmic change comes from the surface and forces us into re-evaluation and the eventual adjustment of core beliefs.

Your Ascended Grid Awaits

The Ancient One

It is in welcome that I stand on this plane of reality. I come from the finer dimensions to bring messages through the beings who have held their light in truth and right action. The beings who speak through compassion, through love, through peace, and through harmony are with you.

Opening the Third Eye

Amariah Mara

We are Simion, the evolutionary collective. You are at a pivotal point in your evolution as human expressions now on Earth. Much has been developed to prepare you to make change in the coming years with the gateway of December 2012 having been your eye opener.


The Pleiadian Light
Hannah Beaconsfield

Right now you are experiencing a crescendo period of ascension energy for the "12" year — 2012 — of transformation. Activities and alterations are accelerating and creating a whiplash experience.

Lightbeings Observe Our Transition to the Fourth Dimension

Robert Shapiro



Now, in that photo — in the background, there's a path. And on that path, there's a particularly bright patch of sunlight. That's where I was.

[Laughs.] Okay. What were you doing?

The Superstorm and Global Warming

Archangel Metatron
James Tyberonn

Greetings, beloveds! I am Metatron, Lord of Light, and I welcome you this moment and encircle you with celestial light.

On the Edge of Ascension

Juliano and the Arcturians and Archangel Michael
David K. Miller

Greetings. I am Juliano. We are the Arcturians. We are entering this period that can be considered the last quarter of 2012. We are entering a period of acceleration, and we are coming closer to the 12–21–12 alignment with the Central Sun.

Common Questions from the General Public

Lee Carroll

Greetings, dear ones. I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. The energy of the room has been set. If you have lifted that shield of intellectualism you carry around and let in the possibility of more truth, where does that then leave you?


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