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Support Your Heart Flame Merlin through Therese Dorer

The vision I see is from the hawk’s perspective: a woman walking down the path with her head down in deep contemplation. All around her is the beauty of the land — green grass, trees, a flowing river — but the woman’s head is surrounded in a fog of judgment and worry. The hawk screams as he flies over the woman, and she lifts her head and smiles. This breaks the reverie and lifts the fog around her head. Finally, she begins to notice the beauty of the land. The hawk lands in a tree and metamorphoses into Merlin, the magical one.

Dearest ones, do these images resonate with you? Do you walk through life in a fog of worry, doubt, and confusion, sourcing to your stories of sadness? In these times, we encourage you to remember the magic and wonder that beautiful Mother Earth can provide for you. Take some time to open your hearts. Listen to the wind, and walk on the land with open hearts. This will feed your bodies, minds, and souls and open your hearts to the universal language of hope and joy.

Mother Earth could not survive millions of years if she was not adaptable to change. To make the most of your life, you are asked to embrace the changes being presented to you. These might be big changes such as changing jobs, moving to a new country, having a baby, or learning to grow older with grace and dignity. Being in human form is not for the faint of heart, and it is a journey that you are encouraged to embrace — all aspects of the good, the bad, and the ugly — to notice how you choose to be as you embrace the challenges of being humans.