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Live Out Your Dreams

Live Out Your Dreams Archangel Azrael through Jill Harrison

Blessings! I am Archangel Azrael, the angel of death. It has been some time since I last stepped forward to bring guidance, but at this time, I felt I could help you with your journey through life.

I feel it is very important for you to understand the role of angels and that while you are bound in human form, your guiding angels and those in the spirit world cannot tell you what you should do. Remember, you are here as a unique aspect of God, and it is up to you to manifest, create, and challenge yourself so that you can evolve and grow.

The best example that I can explain this with is: If I were to teach you about what an apple was, you would learn that it is a fruit that is sometimes green, red, pink, or a combination. You might be able to repeat what you had been taught, yet you would not know in truth what an apple is until you taste it for yourself. You have to taste life. You have to find out which parts of the apple you wish to eat and which parts you wish to discard, remembering at the same time that what you discard can also bear more fruit.