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Walk in Empowerment

The Pleiadian Frequencies, the Teachers of Light, Feminine Pleiadian, and Buffalo Calf Woman
Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

We welcome you, daughters of the stars, daughters of the land, daughters of what is yet to be birthed. We see your beauteous light as it shines brilliantly among the earthen stars. We are the Pleiadian frequencies. We are your future, we are your past, and we are everything in between.

Live in the Natural Rhythm of Your Life

Miriandra Rota

This is your friend Merlin, and I come forth to speak with you on the topic of choice and your manner of choosing. This sounds a bit simple, doesn't it? Yes.

Downloading Your New Divine Blueprint

Archangel Michael

Beloved masters, never forget your nearest and dearest friend should be yourself — your own soul consciousness. Within your sacred heart center, you will find wisdom, compassion, patience, and most important, unlimited sacred love.

Accelerated Species of Creation

Abby Isadora Haydon

The new directions for humankind will begin to manifest during this year of 2015. We have come to keep you abreast of the changes that are beginning to happen to your physical form and to your mental and intellectual bodies.

The Elemental Kingdom

The Peacemakers
Greg Branson

We are concerned that many people have quite serious misconceptions about the subtle planes of existence (which are home to many fabulous beings, such as angels and unicorns) and how they should be related to in these modern times.

Metamorphosis of the Body into Higher Expression with High Magic


The terms "high magic" and "high alchemy" both imply that the practitioner is a vital part of the alchemical equation or the magical practice.

On Kindness

David Reid Lowell

Read this article in full in the March issue of the Sedona Journal!

Pursuing True Spirituality through Courage and Imagination

Jeff Michaels

Read this article in full in the March issue of the Sedona Journal!

Creating Community through Unity

Cullen Smith

Read this article in full in the March issue of the Sedona Journal!

ET Trade Ship Seen over Brazil on 4 January 2015

Guest on Vehicle
Robert Shapiro


Greetings. That is the term, right?

Yes, greetings. Tell me, why was your ship over Brazil on January 4 where it was videotaped?


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