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Healing the Universal Wound

Healing the Universal Wound The Cosmic Essence through Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa

Hello, beloved beings of the One light. From a golden emanation of rays of many worlds, we come forward with the gift of divine recognition through understanding. We come forward with the sacred intention to offer divine assistance through your eternal wisdom and to bring forth the energy of healing. This healing energy is a universal, abundant wave readily available for all. To ignite this energy is simple once the underlying understanding of the universal wound is clear.

The Universal Wound

Universal wounds are known through energetic re-cognition, and many re-claim them as badges of honor. Many understand that the wounds they carry within are aspects of their understanding of a greater purpose. Many reach out for greater clarity for their soul’s mission or purpose, and for many who have chosen density, the greater purpose of being will often be discovered through the connection and healing of the wound. This might feel painful as one walks through the moment, and as the courage of the awakened comes forward, the greater wound is healed for all.