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Love Has No Limits

Swami Sachidananda
Carol Sydney

Hello, my beloved brethren and divine sisterhood. Welcome, welcome. Come in and sit. Today we are discussing the force of love in an undying universe whose power is endless and whose intense desire to give of itself is its primary goal.

The Seer Almine Interviewed on the Goddess Archetypes


Interview conducted by Sergey Ivanushkin

How can these goddess archetypes be used in our environment to empower our lives, other than of course living the principles they represent?

Managing Your Emotions, Your Consciousness, and Your Expansion

Archangel Gabriel
Lotus Fire

Greetings, oh precious ones. I am Archangel Gabriel, lord of the Moon, ruler of the inner and outer tides, coming to you with arms wide open in loving embrace.

Living in the Present, Creating the Future

Jeff Michaels

As above, so below. Life on Earth is a marvelous experience. It is unlike any other form of existence within the galaxy at the current time. Here, there is a concentration of diverse energies and a consciousness of will that has not been necessary in the universe in many eons.

Amplify Your Thought Fields For Personal and Planetary Healing

Juliano and the Arcturians
David K. Miller

Greetings. I am Juliano. We are the Arcturians. Thought fields are an important aspect in understanding the dimensions, in understanding the relationship between dimensions, and also in understanding your soul and your soul history.

Take Responsibility for Your Own Ascension

The Pleiadian Light
Hannah Beaconsfield

Reaching the year 2012 is a power point for your mass consciousness. It was revealed in your antiquity and carried through your ages as a focal point for change.

The Power and Majesty of the Elements

Archangel Michael

Beloved masters, an understanding of the elements of fire, air, water, and earth, which are unique components, facets, or elements of the nature of our Father/Mother God within this subuniversal experience, is vitally important as you seek greater wisdom and self-mastery.

The Time Is Now to Put on the Mantle of Your Mastery

Golden Dolphin Avatars from Sirius B
Nina Brown

The flow of energy that surrounds each one of you is more pronounced on this day after the solar flare and now during the magnetic pull of the full moon. We glide and play with you as you read our message so that all that you are experiencing will be put into perspective.

Be True to Your Special Flavor

Saint Germain
Ray Dawn

Hello to you! It is I, Saint Germain, here to be with you all in resonance with All That Is. Each of you is here to be your own flavor of essence, your own way of seeing and being upon this Earth.

Being in Love with Your Luminous Soul

The Evolutionary Collective
Amariah Mara

To be truly unconditional in your loving and sharing with the world, you must first accept, love, and share with your own being. Opening to and trusting your own light is the only way to find that pure love and self-acceptance that will radiate to others.


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