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Release Your Burdens

Release Your Burdens Onereon through Jeff Michaels

As above, so below. In the realm of spiritual beings, there is a higher perspective with less restriction and less of what might be perceived as boundaries. It is, in many ways, easier in that realm to encompass the concepts of growth and balance and put into motion the principles of spirituality that many on the planet desire. In comparison, physical life on Earth is, by its very nature, a denser vibrational existence. There is often a sense of struggle to achieve a spiritual life while incarnate.

When things become difficult, humans have a phrase: “Things are getting heavier.” Indeed, there is often a physical rearrangement of a human’s posture. The body bends down as if there is an actual weight, a burden, that the person carries. The head and shoulders drop as if bearing a physical weight. When events in life become difficult, they are in a sense energetically carrying a burden of heavy, thickened vibrations. Then you feel the energetic weight of your situation.

There is a phrase we currently hear from so many: “I am so done with this.” Yet are you done with this? When will you be done with this? The reality is you are never done with “this,” meaning the continuum of your karmic existence. But there is a density occurring that is affecting some who are alive on the planet. It is bearing down on humans as well as other beings in the physical realm. It is wearying. When people say they are “done with this,” what they are in fact looking for is a shift in the heaviness they have been feeling — some movement and some open doors. It is natural to seek growth and movement. It is a primary principle of the universe, and we remind you that you are a particle of Source energy.