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The New Paradigm of Unconditional Love for Yourselves

Cristi Jenkins

Dear ones, it is important to understand that in the new energy, the paradigms and parameters of the reality you have known as the old way of Earth will no longer support the denser energies of strife and dependency on others for your own authority.

You’re Invited to the Next Phase of Living

Divine Mother
Miriandra Rota

This is your Divine Mother. In the darkest of nights, in the earliest of dawns, there comes to you an invitation. In truth, there are two invitations.

How to Recognize and Protect Yourself from Energy Vampires

All There Is, Was, and Ever Shall Be
Elliott Eli Jackson

Channel's Note: It is a privilege to bring this message from Source to you.

The Seer Almine: Secrets of the Whale Libraries


As translated by the Seer Almine, from records of the hidden libraries under the Hobbema Reservation, Alberta, Canada

Secret One: Eating

Listen to the Music

Archangel Michael
Carolyn Ann O'Riley

Greetings, my beautiful beings of light. Your very own songs are playing in your spiritual hearts. Are you listening? My beloveds, your guidance is all around you. Your guardian angels are standing right behind you in each moment.

Asserting and Living Your Unified Power

Mother of Light
Blue Turtle

The deep, dark winter is upon you, my dear, beloved children. The full moon beckons you in the cold, starry night to reflect on your blessings. You have made it this far into the new cycle of life.

The Lost Abilities of the Family Human Begin to Return

Jeff Michaels

As above, so below. In your world today, you are experiencing a powerful wave of change. This is not always a gentle wave. Much is being washed away. For some, this is a difficult time. They perceive that many things of value are being eroded away.

Move with Mother Earth

The Novenian Masters
Nanci Paluzzi

Greetings, dear ones! It is our pleasure to be with you on this, your new day. We wish to speak with you about the transition that you are going through at this time.

The Dharma of Light

A Cosmic Hierarchy (Lord Michael, Shekinah, Metatron, and Master Saint Germain)

What is the new age of light? It is the new cosmic cycle of unity and the light being in charge throughout the cosmos of the manifest and unmanifest worlds. There is physicality and nonphysicality. The physical manifest reality is the Flower and the Tree of Life.

Creating the Next Step on the Bridge from the Past to the Future

The Cat Beings
Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

All of your 2013 calendar year will be about letting go of old habits, frameworks, beliefs, expectations, patterns, and ways of doing and being in your life, in your heart, in your head, and in your world.


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