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Hearing the Voice of Spirit

Hearing the Voice of Spirit Kryon through Lee Carroll

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. The energy of the day is so different from when my first experience took place with my partner. So much has taken place in the way we expected. My partner teaches about potential verses reality, and when I met him in 1989, the information I presented was as real then as it is now. I told him that there would be no nuclear war at the millennium. There would be a change of consciousness instead. I also told him that the magnetic grid of the planet would move. Scientists have established a connection between Human consciousness and that very grid I spoke of. Everything I mentioned has taken place.

What I present next is one of the most esoteric things you can imagine: I will tell the story about free choice and where it has taken you and about Human consciousness development. It’s not complex, but if you just tuned in, it might be a little strange.

Humans have free choice — not just to do what they wish to do without intervention from Spirit but also to decide where they take themselves and the energy and level of their consciousness. Humans decide how they work and think and whether they cooperate with each other or not. This is the free choice of Humanity. This entire free-choice puzzle is not a test of the Humans but rather a test and battle between dark and light.