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Trust the Magic of Life

Trust the Magic of Life The Presence of Earth Sentience through Laura Pieratt

We are the presence of Earth sentience. We invoke cocreators for new beginnings that can now be initiated through the light of love. Feel into your roles, dear ones. Where do you wish to share your love and divine inspiration in the unfolding of the new economy and other new structures that will evolve to better support all life on planet Earth? How do you wish to be remembered? Can you step into supporting all life that thrives in balance on this evolving planet? Step up! We are taking volunteers. Thank you for your love and wisdom in the great awakening of hearts for collective evolution. We are one, and we are moving quickly now. Keep up so that we can all enjoy this grand dance in the winds of change!

Be As One, and It Is Done

A ray of light is emerging that will open the door for many new rapid transformations into the light of greater potentials now ready to be realized. This is an expansive ray, a catalyst of new possibilities that will transform the world in which you live. It is astounding what is possible when you clear the debris fields of past consciousness. The new field is open for planting, and the old is no longer limiting the growth possible in the new light and energy. We are here to affirm this truth that many of you are already feeling deep within but are afraid to dare to believe. It is your hesitancy to accept and believe what is here for you now that keeps you from experiencing it.

Let go. Believe. Trust. Create. Allow. Play. Explore the new gifts dangling all around you. Stop waiting for instructions on how they work. Start playing with them in the energy of love and benevolent creation. You’ll discover how they work by playing with them, just as children explore their world from innocent hearts full of curiosity about what will happen if.