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Proactive and Lovingly Assertive Warriors of Light

Proactive and Lovingly Assertive Warriors of Light Archangel Michael through Ronna

Beloved masters, in the past, many of you have been disturbed or confused when we use the terms “warriors of peace” and “warriors of light,” or what might be construed as militant terminology. There are many interpretations and facets of truth. Since Earth’s and humanity’s fall into the density of separation and pain, we have fought diligently for you and with you. We have fought the shadows of illusion and the negativity created by your collective consciousness beliefs of fear, guilt, and unworthiness. We have fought to assist you to reconnect with the many facets of your true identity to help you remember how magnificent you are.

We have diligently carried out the orders and directives handed down from our Father/Mother God and the Supreme Creator: “Assist our children to return to the light and to reclaim their divine heritage.” Yes, we have been involved for eons in a battle between the light of the Creator and the shadows of humanity, but our weapons have been love, compassion, understanding, and support as you traverse the valleys of despair and seek to soar to the mountaintops of hope and illumination. If you join us in our efforts to bring light unto the shadow world and hearts of humanity, stand firmly in your convictions that ultimately right will prevail (knowing that only our Father/Mother God is aware of the total picture and what is truly the best outcome), and can maintain a sense of peace and joy within and radiate the expansive love of the Creator to all humanity, then you are truly a warrior in our legions of light.

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