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Walk with Me

Walk with Me Yeshua through Virginia Ellen

Life is perceived through your body — the eyes to see and the ears to hear. You judge everything you hear and see. You give all things value with your judgments. You justify your judgments and always try to make them right. You make others wrong so that your judgments are justified. You misuse things by giving them a role. This keeps you stuck in the third dimension.

Sin does not exist in the heavenly realms of unconditional love. I will tell you that if there is such a thing as sin, it is a thought or an action that keeps you from knowing your divine radiant self. The moments you judge are the moments you disconnect from love, Divine love and the love of the one you judge. In the moment of judgment, your soul takes on the experience for your evolution.

The intention of your thoughts can change your perceptions, which will change your experience. Put forth your intentions to receive the truth, to know the radiant life that dwells within you, and to know your divinity.