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Realize You Are the “Greater Gift”

Realize You Are the “Greater Gift” Quetzalcoatl through Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa

Hello, beloved beings of great light, peace, joy, and recognition. Hello from the energies of worlds beyond worlds beyond worlds. Let us offer you the recognition that goes beyond the understanding of a world. To be within the view of a world is to be within the energy, the belief, and the paradigm of one aspect of a limitless being. Imagine, if you will, through the lens you are using now, that this world of density offers you just one aspect of infinite understanding. Imagine how constrained that must feel once you ignite this knowing. Imagine the eternal and internal struggle it creates through its mere existence. When one is able to recognize the infinite one, then all oneness manifests simultaneously.

One clear definition present in your world is contained inside the well-known Bhagavad Gita. This book describes the infinite Krishna. It describes how Krishna reveals the infinite to the one who seeks when the one who seeks pleads, “I must know. I must see. Offer me some form of proof!” And when the Krishna allows the one who seeks to have the essence of a one-world view removed from the eyes of the physical being, this being is able to see before him at all times the limitless being of the Krishna.

As the Krishna begins to reveal this infinite being-ness, not all of what is revealed as part of the experience of consciousness is considered beautiful. This book describes some of the revelations of the infinite being as monstrous, frightening, and too overwhelming for the mind of density to comprehend because there is no end. The infinite energy keeps revealing, revealing, revealing, and revealing, and even with the gift of the awakened eye, the seeker then cries out, “Stop! No more! It is too much.”