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You Are a Constant Creator

You Are a Constant Creator Artemis through Kenneth Drake

You are the source of your own creation, and it is the awareness of this creative force that fuels both the power of the spirit within and the creation of your life without. Know your creative power.
— Artemis

You have heard us say, divine one, that you are the source of your own creation, that you, being a manifestation of Spirit, are the sole, responsible party behind your own being. We wish to remind you of your creative power in these times, for it is within these seemingly uncertain times that many among you have become careless creators.

Many among you, as you now notice, have no regard for their creative power. As a result, they manifest hate, anger, rage, and greed — the antithesis of our message to your world. You are a constant creator, and you must recognize this. We must stress to you that it is of the utmost importance that you recognize your role as a soul who has no choice but to create and continually manifest. It is for this reason that we have so often told you that our message to your world is one of personal responsibility. The impetus of responsible creation is always on the creator.