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Open Your Hearts and Minds to Humanity

Open Your Hearts and Minds to Humanity Mahatma Gandhi and Shockara Starbeings through Blue Turtle

Beloved children of God, as the world grows closer together through the Internet and technology, it is so important for all of you to work together for social justice and inclusiveness. You can readily see through nearly instantaneous videos what is happening around the world within minutes of its occurrence. Abuse and violation are rampant, and judgment can occur quickly, rippling around the world.

More than ever, cooperation and collaboration are essential for your security and well-being. All of you working together for the common good will bring about positive and healing changes in the midst of the nationalism and separation brewing. Realize how much you need each other’s insights and wisdom to make things better.

People of all colors, creeds, and cultures are needed for their gifts and talents to serve humanity and Mother Earth. I learned so much from walking, visiting, and communicating with the spectrum of people who lived and worked in many ways. Listening to them share their stories gave me much to consider.