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Stride Powerfully through Rough Times

Stride Powerfully through Rough Times Lady Gaia through Ingrid Auer

We have been living in tumultuous times of upheaval for years and will continue to do so for some time. The angelic being Kryon, the companion and specialist in this field, calls it an extended “everything is upside down” phase that could last until 2030! So there is no time to lie back and relax because there is a great deal to do. While we watch the world around us change in unprecedented ways, we should also remember how important and necessary these changes are for humankind, even though they might not always be pleasant.

Greetings. I am Lady Gaia. Some of you categorize me with the ascended masters, but this classification is not entirely correct. I am no master in the traditional sense but rather the energetic mouthpiece between Earth and you humans. You live on Earth and are inextricably linked with her energies. And Gaia needs you because your consciousness and your energies are synergistically linked with hers.

If you increase your human vibrations, the vibrating frequency of the planet Earth — that is, Gaia’s vibrating frequency — will likewise increase. In this context, this increase of vibrational frequency also involves an increase of consciousness as well as the generation of multidimensional spiritual abilities like telepathy, channeling, spiritual healing, activation of the twelve DNA layers, and many more. After all, the higher your vibrating frequencies become, the more steps you take in the consciousness and transformation process. That is the big plan.