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Celebrate Death

Celebrate Death Archangel Azrael through Jill Harrison

Blessings. Every day new souls enter the Earth plane, and every day old souls depart and return to the spiritual realms. All things created are constantly going through cycles dictated by divine will. It is important that you do not fear death. Death is a release from the physical constraints that hold you back. Death is, in fact, a birth into fullness. Death, beloved ones, is a process that must be celebrated.

Within your lifetime, you will experience death in many forms: the death of a loved one, a beloved pet, a relationship, a career, and perhaps some dreams. At each stage in your life, these deaths offer you another chance to transform your behavior, your beliefs, or your understanding. Sometimes it can bring you a new sense of freedom, a release from something that hindered your happiness and fulfillment.

I know that many of you are afraid of death, but in reality, it is not death you fear but the process. Understand that your ego creates this fear of death. After all, if you look back on your life, you will see that you are a seasoned professional at dealing with death. Your future might be unknown, but to dwell on how your end might come will only create a drawn-out and perhaps uncomfortable process.