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Adapt to Changes in the Moment

Adapt to Changes in the Moment Michelle Karen

Saturn remains retrograde in Sagittarius until August 25. Its shadow period remains until December 1. The degrees it travels this month (23º21’–21º40’ Sagittarius) are represented in the Sabian symbols by “a bluebird standing at the door of the house,” “immigrants entering a new country,” and “a Chinese laundry.” Huge shifts are occurring in our lives now, possibly making us feel displaced, as we need to adapt to completely new circumstances. We are required to stand in our power, stay open to constructive visions, remain positive, and flow with each moment as it presents itself. Our lives are starting anew on a completely different level of consciousness and reality.

Neptune remains retrograde through July. Its shadow period lasts until March 13, 2018. The degrees traveled this month (14º13’–13º46’ Pisces) are represented in the Sabian symbols by “an officer drilling his men in a simulated attack” and “a lady wrapped in fox fur.” The veil between dimensions is thinning, allowing us to prepare for what is coming, which is completely different from anything we have been told to believe is true. As we discover that nothing is as it seems, anything can happen in a reality that we are now able to re-create from moment to moment.

Pluto remains retrograde until September 28. Its shadow period continues until January 19, 2018. The degrees traveled this month (18º20’–17º37’ Capricorn) are represented in the Sabian symbols by “a five-year-old child is carrying a huge shopping bag filled with groceries” and “the union jack flies from a new British warship.” As we stand in our power, let go of what has been controlling our lives, and express our mastery, we are able to tap into our innermost resources to meet all of life’s challenges with strength and authority. Integrity is more important than ever now, as is the necessity to not fluctuate with the ups and downs we are confronted with on a daily (sometimes hourly) basis. Staying even in the face of adversity will ensure that we remain in our power.