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Stay Light and Bright in Trying Times

Stay Light and Bright in Trying Times Mother Mary through Janet Desaulniers

Hello, my dear ones. It is my great joy to be with you through these words and vibrations of love. Let’s come together in the oneness of pure consciousness and love. Feel my presence with you. Remember who you are, and allow your presence to be full. This conscious awareness of each other is miraculous. Let your heart be open, and feel the freshness of being free and light. Breathe in deeply to fill yourself with peace, love, and light. This simple and natural rhythm brings calming energy to you all.

The past few months have been trying for many of you. Some days seem harder than others. The stresses and tension in the world are causing many to think that you may never make enough of a difference to keep going, individually and globally. It’s understandable why it might seem like the situation is insurmountable, but I assure you that you’re making a great difference.

One moment of true love and compassion lightens up the circumstances for many. When you focus on a person or a part of the world where there is suffering and oppression and shine your heart light there, you have done much to help. Remember that people around the world are learning to understand their power to unite and raise the vibration of any situation or circumstance. You are not alone.