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Lead the Way to a New Humanity

Lead the Way to a New Humanity The Akashic Records through Renee Rowe

This is a time of great internal reflection for humanity. It’s time to retreat and observe what you hold within. Allow yourselves to see clearly the truth of all, the truth of who you are. How are you creating and contributing to the world around you?

This is a time of great change and transformation if you choose it to be. You can choose to ignore the discomfort, move into a thickened space of distraction, or acknowledge parts of you that are ready to heal. Partake in this shift that’s permeating your surroundings.

Each step you take becomes more aligned. It’s a gift to you, a gift to humanity. Each person must tap in and lead the way to a new humanity, a new way of interacting with each other from a loving space. You are being called now to face your deepest wounds and to heal them so that you can come together.