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Tapping Into Spirit: The Most Vital Skill to Learn for 2012 and Beyond

Tapping Into Spirit: The Most Vital Skill to Learn for 2012 and Beyond Susan Shumsky

My blessed and beloved beings of light, as we move into 2012 and an era of new consciousness, we are charting unknown territory. This is the time when our vibrational energies are being quickened and amplified. We are ascending into a higher octave. Our bodies are transforming into finer material, and we are becoming lightbeings.

As we move through these changes, you will notice certain symptoms indicating that a change is taking place. Do not fear these new energies; they are indications that you are in touch with your inner divinity as never before. You might notice you are receiving visions of light, symbols, or divine beings. You may hear sounds of celestial music, harps, bells, or angelic singing. You may smell celestial fragrances such as rose, lilac, gardenia, and so forth. You might receive inexplicable ambrosial tastes in your mouth or throat. You may feel ecstatic thrills, electricity, warmth, or chills moving through your body. Your body might experience involuntary movements, such as your head or extremities moving, your eyes rolling back, your eyelids fluttering, or your body shaking or quaking.

Seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, feeling, and bodily movements—these are six different ways that Spirit might show you it is present. These signals or signs from Spirit help you recognize that God is here, guiding you. In addition to these, you will feel a sense of greater peace, inner strength, relaxation, comfort, wholeness, and oneness.