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Angels and Crystals

Angels and Crystals Vanessa Carter

Working with angels and crystals is an effective way to heal and cleanse energy. We are all made of energy and mastering it is very empowering. I have found that working with these forces has been life changing, enabling me to understand myself, other people, and the world at a higher perspective.

Connecting with Your Angels

Angels open up a spiritual pathway toward wonderment and joy and give you a deep understanding of the human soul and compassion: "Our vibration is one of pure love and light. We oversee things in the most deep and beautiful way, watching over your future and your destiny. When we are near, you will feel a kind, loving, supportive energy in your heart. Together we can set you free of self-limitations and heal you so deeply and overwhelmingly that love and peace will be felt within your very being—past, present, and future."

Crystals have a beautiful high vibration of energy, and working with certain crystals will help you connect with the angels. When working with angelic crystals, you should have a grounding crystal nearby to bring all the healing and angelic energy into the earth and to bring you into the now. If you feel floaty, use a grounding crystal.