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Inspired Guidance

Notes on Shamanic Wisdom


Elders were graciously honored in early cultures, a concept that is lost among modern humans today. Our industrialized societies witness many people living without much discipline or spiritual depth, allowing age to fritter away their power, insight, and wisdom.

The 144 Secrets of the Root Races


Humanity is the root race of all others and they are our offspring, yet humans see themselves as a separate race. When this division is seen as an illusion, humans become one with all other races. Racial identity is bondage, as are all forms of identity.

Manifesting a Life of Peace


The destiny of humanity is to bring peace to the great diversity of life forms on Earth. Establishing a safe and happy home on Earth for all creatures begins by creating peace within the inner family—the subpersonalities of man. —Almine

Integration through Panacea

Silas Jackson

My companion angel Joy is in the habit of offering me remarkably down-to-earth advice. The most striking instance of this occurred some months ago. After my evening meal, I sat down for a session of meditation. Predictably, it was not long before Joy appeared for a talk.

Ascension Symptoms

Wendy Zellea

Many of us are experiencing ascension symptoms, and discussions of the variety of noticeable physical, emotional, and energetic changes are becoming a part of the journey to the higher realms.

How to Raise an Exceptional Child


Developing Omnisensory Perception and Life at School for a Sensitive Child

Our children come, trailing clouds of glory from afar.
—William Wordsworth

Go Mother Yourself!

Marlene Buffa

Arguably the most powerful force we'll ever encounter, Mother Earth fiercely reminds us of her unending power and presence in ways sometimes slow and persistent, and other times eruptive and volatile.

An Interview with Tibetan Artist Losang Samten

Richard Marranca

I interviewed Losang in Reno, where he was lecturing and creating a mandala. When it was complete, he swept it up and put it in the Truckee River—a blessing to the Earth and a recognition of impermanence.

How do you like living in Philadelphia?

Channeling the New Paradigm

We are currently in the process of evolving into a new paradigm and letting go of beliefs that have been around for hundreds, and in some cases, thousands of years but no longer serve us.

Detoxing the Past

Stefanie Miller

Learning to be present in our bodies is essential. Many highly sensitive beings have a tendency to disconnect from their bodies and their lives because staying connected feels far too dense and overwhelming.


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