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Embrace Your Inner Alchemist

Embrace Your Inner Alchemist Dawn Fleming

As we enter into 2012, we are continuously being immersed in higher levels of cosmic energies descending on our Earth and into the auric planes of humanity. We are being downloaded with light codes of a higher order and our inner geometries that support our perfected being are shifting as the codes are activated. At worst we might feel as if everything is coming apart. At best we align with the flow and open to the opportunities being presented to us in this shifting field of cosmic energy. This year we meet and align with our inner alchemist.

When we descended into a physical body, we came with a whole inner toolbox of abilities that align us with the magical energy within. During entry, we fell fast asleep, forgetting these gifts and our ability to access them. In times of restlessness, we have a knowing that there is more to us than what we can see or feel. At times we believe that we can heal, work with energy or light, shapeshift, time travel, bend time, be invisible, levitate, and more. In 2012 we remember and awaken to the gifts that are inherently ours that are being fed and aroused by the increasing waves of higher frequencies that are expanding our abilities and aligning us with the perfected template of being and knowing.

In 2012 you will look boldly at what we have been wrestling with for an entire lifetime and get in touch with what your truth really is. The set of beliefs that you hold about yourself and your world will be turned upside down. Your inner alchemist is awakening and calling you back into the classroom to get it right. In this year of transformation, your compass points inward so that you can find and live your truth.