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Preparing to Enter a New Earth Without Needs or Limits

Preparing to Enter a New Earth Without Needs or Limits Christopher Pinckley

Floating Ascension

Breathing, feeling alive, and being outside in the fresh air offers us the opportunity to take it all in. The daily waves of high-vibrational energy are now everincreasing as we approach the critical mass of accelerated consciousness, and riding these waves offers us the opportunity to begin to manifest with increasing power. Allowing ourselves to be in the present moment gives us the opportunity to release the heavier emotional density that we may still be holding on to.

It is easy to feel the anticipation of joy and excitement about these times and the potential to unlock an ever greater ability to manifest our hearts’ desires. Conversely, it is also easy to slip into some of our lower-vibrational emotional patterning that may still be present. Thus our lives at this point could be much like roller coaster rides as we continue releasing emotional density, experiencing the vibration of emotional pain in one moment and the vibration of extreme anticipation and excitement in the next. Know that this is to be expected and would even be considered normal had this universal event ever occurred before.

Some among you have stabilized your vibration to match that of the incoming energy, and you are already riding high in the joy and excitement of these amazing times. For you, the roller coaster has passed and there is simply the gentle pulling of the paradise to come. For others, there is still much work to do as you experience the resistance of some of the deeply embedded emotional density within your bioenergetic spheres. And this is okay. All will be given time to release their own emotional densities in their own time and in their own way.