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Inspired Guidance

The Consciousness of Oil

Norma Gentile

I tend to not want to foreknow events, but instead choose to receive insights from my guides about patterns and trends that are at the causal level.

When Angels Speak

Silas Jackson

I've wondered a good deal about what angels actually look like. Joy responds: "The angels are love as an active force, the personification of the compassion that contains and pervades all existence in its active phase. We have manifest characteristics only in your perceptions."

Ancient Energies Now Departing

Norma Gentile

From Norma: A wave of ancient energies has almost completed its journey out of our planet. You might notice that the days seem to be getting calmer, as the vibration of those energies is no longer hitting up against the vibration of the physical Earth and our physical bodies.

The Principles of Living a Life of No Opposites


Death and life are equally illusional. Beyond this polarity lies the transcendental existence of oneness. When death is shunned and lives is valued, oneness persists as an instrument of change.

Coming to Our Senses After a Life of Excess


The uncertainty around the accuracy of prophecy can be more fully understood when examined in the light of events predicted for the past year that did not occur. Looking back at the previous New Year's prophecies shows a very wide margin of error.

Notes on Shamanic Wisdom


Elders were graciously honored in early cultures, a concept that is lost among modern humans today. Our industrialized societies witness many people living without much discipline or spiritual depth, allowing age to fritter away their power, insight, and wisdom.

The 144 Secrets of the Root Races


Humanity is the root race of all others and they are our offspring, yet humans see themselves as a separate race. When this division is seen as an illusion, humans become one with all other races. Racial identity is bondage, as are all forms of identity.

Manifesting a Life of Peace


The destiny of humanity is to bring peace to the great diversity of life forms on Earth. Establishing a safe and happy home on Earth for all creatures begins by creating peace within the inner family—the subpersonalities of man. —Almine

Integration through Panacea

Silas Jackson

My companion angel Joy is in the habit of offering me remarkably down-to-earth advice. The most striking instance of this occurred some months ago. After my evening meal, I sat down for a session of meditation. Predictably, it was not long before Joy appeared for a talk.

Ascension Symptoms

Wendy Zellea

Many of us are experiencing ascension symptoms, and discussions of the variety of noticeable physical, emotional, and energetic changes are becoming a part of the journey to the higher realms.


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