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You, the Hundreth Monkey Syndrome Reality and the One Percenters


Understanding the invisible entrapments of the human condition, knowing that acknowledgement is a crucial step toward desired change, and supporting my clarion call to awaken spiritually: these are some seeds of disease underlying humanity's deep trance states.

The Dalai Lama: "A Simple Buddhist Monk"

Victor M. Parachin

In the fall of 1979, New York’s magnificent St. Patrick’s Cathedral was overflowing with people who had come for an extraordinary interreligious prayer service hosted by Terence Cardinal Cooke.

Perpetual Rejuvenation through Mastering Opposites


The art of rejuvenation, unknown to the masses, has long been practiced with varying degrees of success in the mystery schools of the world.

Separating Pain from Suffering

Eden Clark

During these times of intense global and personal changes, you may feel as if many deep issues are rising to the surface to be healed. Or perhaps you’re seeking clarity on patterns in your life that are causing you pain.

Essences of Nature: Are you Ready, Willing, and Able for Love?

Mary Ann Altamarino Antenucci

How do you get closer to having love or being with the one you love when you are afraid to be yourself in love? How can you be yourself and be with another?

The Gifts of the Angels


For eons of existence, the exquisite beings of light have interacted with man. They are known to many cultures on Earth as the winged ones, or angels. Their presence has been well established among humanity, but our knowledge of them has been elementary.

Spiritual Travels: How to Get the Most from Sacred Places

Robert Scheer

The practice of visiting sacred places for personal growth is an ancient one. Walking the thirty-two-mile circumambulation around Tibet’s Mount Kailash—a pilgrimage said to remove the sins of a lifetime—has been a tradition for more than 15,000 years.

Adventures for Children: Tree Adventure

Lynne Cox

While sitting in the park, you look up into the blue sky. Glancing around, you begin to notice all the trees that are in the park. You call out to Angel, “I know you are with me.”

“Yes, dear one, I’m your constant companion,” Angel giggles.

Psychic Energy Readings for 2012

Judy Lynn Koons

The next dimension and how it affects things is the dominant theme for the year. When heart and mind are integrated, we have access to the power of Source within.

Three Keys to Activating Your Life Purpose

Jean Houston

As I travel around the globe speaking and training, I have consistently found that most people ask me the same question: "How do I discover my purpose in life?" In the past, who you became was determined by your family and circumstances. You didn't have much choice.


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