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Manifesting in a New World

Manifesting in a New World Aluna Joy

For decades, we have been waking up in stages; installments or waves of energy have been jarring us from our sleep. We remember when we reached pivotal aha moments where life changed, never to return to its prior form. We grew through many of these moments. We have also noticed that these installments, or waves, are now coming more quickly.

An Era of Self-Realization

From the time we were born, we have worked to wake up. It has been an era of self-realization and an accumulation of an entire age that is filled with many past lives. We became aware of universal truths and mass global illusions in the collective. We began to understand who we really are, not only as human beings, but as divine souls and spirits.

By the middle of the 1980s, we were slam dunked into accelerated energy, making it possible to learn at a hyperfast rate of speed. People who were born in the eighties or later have a shortage of life’s emotional lessons and historical timelines. This has made it challenging for them to find a home in this rapidly shifting world. Thus the Indigo children came into our awareness. Many Indigos who were born much earlier—in the forties through the seventies—had a longer timeline in which to prepare and learn, but they were not recognized as Indigos because the world was not yet awake enough to do so.