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The Light Way to Relationships

The Light Way to Relationships Stefanie Miller

Relationships are the core of what keeps us interconnected. This past year has challenged us to delve deeply and be mindful of our relationships. As we have given our souls permission to grow and evolve, the universe has prompted us to align our inner light with our outer world. While things are in upheaval, things may feel uncomfortable and unsettled. The focus needs to be inward on what is serving our souls' purpose and what brings us peace, joy, happiness, and contentment.

While last year the focus was on healing and clearing security issues, this past year and the year to come is about revaluating our relationships. Many of us have dealt with issues concerning our jobs, homes, and finances; now the focus is shifting toward interpersonal relationships at the core level. This has brought to the surface in-your-face scenarios that can be baffling and upsetting. Usually relationship issues become magnified as we take our next big spiritual leap. Our relationships come up for review and those that are not at the same or similar frequency are realigned or purged. I haven't had this many issues surrounding relationships in many years as I have had this past year.

As we choose what we want to create in our lives, the universe manifests opportunities for our growth. We are being pushed to be more authentic and forthcoming with others and ourselves. We do not need to be forceful, dominant, or abrasive in order to get our point across. In fact, the best way to do it is in a very peaceful, quiet, and gentle way. Not much really needs to be said. Everything is occurring on an energetic level, and we are communicating through our higher selves. Those who are meant to be in our lives will remain or emerge in a form that is cohesive with our path.